Desktop Goodies: China Dress Girl Calendar

Well, an out of the topic Rainmeter skin for the moment since this picture is a rather sexy looking one. I, unfortunately, can’t get the girl’s name but if you would like to have a look at the logo there (and can read it) maybe you can look it up in the internet. Anyway, I think I will take a lunch break for a minute since it’s already 1:30 PM.

Skin Name: China Dress Girl Calendar

File Size: 213 KB

Color Theme: Dark Purple


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!

Kaimax61 Source notes:

She’s Chō’un Shiryū (Zhou Yun) from the VN Koihime Musou. To be more specific this one is taken from the 3rd and latest installment in the series Shin Koihime Musou Moeshouden.


18 responses to “Desktop Goodies: China Dress Girl Calendar

  1. the anime is Shin Koihime Musou:Otome Trairan…
    but the character i don’t really remember…
    anyways,thanks for the skin..

  2. Nice picture you got there. It IS rather sexy.

    And kudos to Kaimax for his digging.

    On another note I have another quick update. I recently came across two excellent Vocaloid albums and I’ll probably be doing reviews on them in the near future but only after the Touhou 12.8 review. I’ll see if I can’t get it up tomorrow.

    • Lol, Actually I don’t need to “dig” to get that info. :D

      Because Playing VNs is already my hobby . XD

      thanks for the kudos though.

      • Oh, right. Completely forgot. Speaking of which I got a hold of School Days but I have no idea how to use the thing. It’s a rare chance that I can’t figure out how to use a program but since you read a lot of VNs I was hoping you could help. Please? :3

      • Lol School Days :D

        You downloaded it right?

        1. Change your Unicode/regional Settings to Japanese
        2. Get DAEMON tools if you don’t have it.
        3. Extract the Iso File from the Rar/Zip file
        4. Mount it with DAEMON
        5. Install

        School Days doesn’t need “major” patching or anything.

      • Oh, sweet. You’re a life saver. :D

        I’ve already done all the extracting so now I just need to get DAEMON and mount it and change my unicode.

  3. Awesome! Another sexy skin. I am so getting this one!

    Btw Farce90, where did you get the School Days VN?
    Is it in English?
    Can you please give me the download link or the torrent?

    • I downloaded it quite some time ago. I think I found it on hongfire. Sadly I haven’t been able to get the english patch working. The english patch only works for the first 3 episodes anyway, currently. It’s still in development. If you wanted to play the entire thing it’d have to be done without subs anyway. By hanging out on a lot of manga sites and watching a lot of anime I can understand small tidbits through context. But yeah, check hongfire or something. The file is huge, around 7 gigs.

      • I see… I think I’ll wait for the complete English patch first.

        Thanks a lot for the information.

      • waiting for the english patch is going to take more time than you think.

        The Sekai Project, that only translated like 3 chapters/episodes. Took more than 1 year.

        Better go download something else that’s translated.

      • Wow, that sure takes a long time to finish…

        Don’t worry, I still have Cross Channel to play ^_^

        Actually, I’m not that enthusiastic to play School Days. It’s just that since it was so famous, I thought I will give it a try.

        Thanks for the information kaimax61.

  4. Lol, get the new “School Days HQ” if you want

    it’s a remake basically with a bigger resolution.
    but it has some new stuffs in it.

    Like another new “Bloody Bad End”

      • I’ve heard a lot about it. They still don’t have an english patch for that either, not even a beta one. I love the game mostly for the “Bad ends” and less for the “Adult” part of the series.

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