Desktop Goodies: Kaine Nier Clock

Okay, I guess it’s time to add the Clock version of Rainmeter skin. I hope you enjoy my previous Clock version Rainmeter skin and I hope this is not redundant. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue who she is and Kaine Nier sounds like a title of a game or visual novel ( I might be wrong here). So anybody want to fill in?

Skin Name: Kaine Nier Clock

File Size: 119 KB

Color Theme: Grey


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


16 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Kaine Nier Clock

  1. Kaine is one of the main characters in Nier, an action RPG by SquareEnix. It’s not bad, but I kinda miss the RPGs SquareSoft used to make =\

    Loved the clock format^^

    Oh and btw, welcome back xD

    • Trues, but I can’t wait for Final Fantasy 13 versus. The game-play is apparently close to Kingdom Hearts’ battle system o_o

      I have a couple trailers and such I can put up~
      Although they were not supposed to be revealed to public, its really the person who just bootlegged the video in the mega theater during TGS (Tokyo Game Show) >_>;

      But Nier was pretty fun~ I never got to finish it so hopefully I can find a copy later =(

      • I had very high expectations for 13, and I loved the system and all but… the story was kinda poor. If versus turns out to have a good story then it will be absolutely epic without a doubt =D

        I really liked Nier’s story though. There was something in it that gets you to care for the characters… I hadn’t felt like that since Final Fantasy 8 xD
        If you have the chance, finish it. I doubt you’ll be disapointed ;)

      • I agrees, Nier had a interesting story.
        As far as Final Fantasy 13 versus, I am interested with the battle system =x

  2. So, basically, you took the AeroTime Skin by UnSpoknOne, removed 2 lines on each meter (font effects and colors), added a simple image meter (an image you own because you add a dropshadow effect, right?), and this is you skin ?

    At least, if you rip other’s people skins and alter them, give them credits.
    A simple “credits.txt” would do it.

  3. You should point me where you credited unspoknone for altering his graphics, on this skin or one the on you linked.
    I found nothing. In fact, I found on the ini : Author=Kazasou…
    Or perhaps it’s by chance your background picture has the same filename, the same size (px and dpi), the same shadow margins…

    And yes, you removed two lines (FontEffectColor and StringEffect) on the [MeasureMilitaryTime], [MeterDate] and [MeterTimeZone]. You did add the height of your stolen-from-the-internet picture (pleonasm), and increase the font size. wooo.

    @Kesuki : Yep, so I took a look around, in particular the ‘License Issue’ tab. No trace of credits. It’s not even said that’s all the skins on this site are mods of existing skins, here or on the description on DA.
    Last but not least, you even autorize people to sell the skins…But strangely, when I look at the Adam Dorman’s ( aka Giraffe, from whom you stole the black rock shooter clock’s skin, and did not gave credits for the graphics), it is explicitly written that :
    Adam Dorman permits these clocks to be hosted on personal websites for the exclusive use of those websites and not redistribution.

    Adam Dorman’s clocks may not be redistributed elsewhere, copied, sold, be included in, or the subject of derivative works without the express consent of Adam Dorman.

    The first source for Flash Clocks created by Adam Dorman must always be unless a prior agreement has been made.


    You know I don’t give a frack about all this. This is just the minimum courtesy to credit people who actually create somethings, spending hours doing it. Have, at least, some respect for their work.

    “I made some few arrangements that made the skin a descent modification (I don’t use background mode).”
    As you said, hilarious.

    • Hmm, Wepa, I know its the lack of credit going on here, but shouldn’t you take into consideration that Souza did not copy in any way?

      I mean sure he could have taken the time format from the site, but he then used his own skills to make wonderful pieces of art. Also I checked adamdorman, the site says they hold no affiliation to other websites that would use their clocks.

      Also if Souza just copied, the clock would look exactly the same…. plain and boring. You should at least agree that the rainmeter items here are more interesting then the other plain stuff right?

      “An additional note, some of the content may not be from me, so if you have a problem about a software that is not working which is not mine, try to contact the owner of the software for a better clarification.”

      I mean that seems like attempts to give credit…

      Souza takes people’s requests and makes rainmeters into things that will look good on their desktops. I don’t see anything wrong with it. He then posts the item for everyone to have.

      You wrote your comment just for the “minimum courtesy for people who actually create something.”

      Souza must spend that much time as well trying to make these rainmeter skins. So you should have respect for his work too. He is actually creating something.

      Eh, sorry in advance, I kinda just wanted to say something really… You kinda contradicted yourself Wepa with the whole creating deal.

      • Silly Ken, people can write whenever they want =x
        I mean since its here in public…

        But I agree, Souza does work hard to make these skins so it is creating =o

  4. Hey, I’m not saying he is not working hard on the skins people request him !
    And Im’ also absolutely not saying he’s copying in any way !!

    I’m just saying he should give credits when he mods an existing skin. Otherwise it’s a lack of respect. And how would you respect someone’s work, who don’t respect others work ?

    And I know he has got the skill to create a skin from scratch…He’s moving ROTATOR meters which are a nightmare to adjust, OffsetX an Y are awful…
    I mean for the aerotime rip : how hard would have it been to create his own background ?? just a round rectangle with a dropshadow !

    And Ken, I don’t wanna argue forever, but hey :
    Adam Dorman’s clocks may not be redistributed elsewhere, copied, sold, be included in, or the subject of derivative works without the express consent of Adam Dorman.

    Look, I’m not saying his work sucks,or I don’t like it, or things like that. I respect the effort he puts in it.

    I’m just saying it is the minimal respect to give credits to people who create the skin he’s modding, that’s all.

  5. Hmm, point well taken on the Black Rock Shooter Clock there. It’s actually not fair to make the code licensed since the creator of the Rainmeter stated that it is a free-sourced material. So there is in no way you could claim Rainmeter ini files as yours (considering the GNU license and stuff). When I make Rainmeter skin, I looked at somebody else’s work and copy and edit their code one by one, that must’ve lapsed when I have to include credit in the ini file. So, if you feel that the first post credit is not enough for you then I will add it to each post accordingly so there would be no misunderstanding. As for the Black Shooter Clock, if the authors wants it to be removed then I will alter my skin. Sorry if these posts offend anybody.

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