Desktop Goodies: Black Rock Shooter Picture Frame

Farce90’s request for a Black Rock Shooter Picture Frame Rainmeter Skin. I decided to use the picture you gave me, dude (Since I can’t find a better picture and I have to off-blogging for around a week). I don’t want to leave with an unfinished business, so I decided to finish up your request. I hope this is what you expect, though. Enjoy!

Skin Name: Black Rock Shooter Picture Frame

File Size: 200 KB

Color Theme: Black


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


31 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Black Rock Shooter Picture Frame

  1. Hmm I also forgot to mention while I was at the Anime-Expo I managed to pick up 4 touhou games
    Marisaland, Megamari, and a touhou: Defend the library…
    Seems to be a tower defense game that last one..

    Do not know if you guys have it already or not, but I can copy the files from the disk and upload it if you guys want =x

    I also have another game that was made by Aquasoft
    has a cool opening XD

    … I probably should have bought the Touhou great collection where it contained all the games, but it was super expensive!

    Also there was a life-size Marisa hat at the expo authentic made and it was around 600 dollars for it o_o;

    • Sweet jesus…

      You can also find a lot of those games online. I still can’t get two of them to work though. Mystical Chain and Touhou Labyrinth if you know anything about them.

  2. oo Mystical Chain I think I played that at the expo, using a ps2 controller… kinda funky but from what I am seeing on images it seems very similar

  3. Talking about B★RS: As you may already know, the OVA has been out for a few days and it’s been subbed (50 mins).

    To all fans of B★RS/Vocaloid, you might want to have a look at it ;)

    I’m sure most of you already knew this, but we never know :x Cheers, and All Hail Animes.


    • I tried to watch it on my laptop multiple times but the damn thing keeps crashing whenever I try. I’d watch it on my actual computer but the dam thing is so slow and my internet freaks out on me half the time.

      • Is that download subbed because all of the downloads I’ve gotten don’t have subs on them. And it crashes when I try to watch them on anime sites, not streams. It SUCKS! I really want to watch it.


      • If you want any anime subbed just give me an anime title and I can find a subber =x
        … just don’t expect me to find one anytime soon unless I know of it XD

      • Why is every freaking download for it that I find in an mkv format. I’m getting tired of having to convert them all. And I think that may be removing the subs from them, I don’t know. I’m still downloading the one you posted.

      • mmm They have an .avi format too if you wanted to download that =o
        But I’m glad that it works for you =)

        If you wanted the avi version they have it under the name as Xvid for a link.

        Mazui will generally make an .mkv version and .avi so that is nice to know

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