Desktop Goodies: K-ON Neko Picture Frame

Hi fellas, long not posted Rainmeter skin since I was a little busy with my office work and taking time off to recover from my illness, I guess it’s time to post another Rainmeter skin. I hope you guys are enjoying Kaimax and KatanAnime’s posts which they are this blog’s new co-authors. Since I have limited amount of anime knowledge, at least they will provide with more sharp review on what’s currently in the anime world. Anyway, this Rainmeter skin is a response to one of the readers critique’s about the lack of picture frame Rainmeter skin. Therefore, I decided to add this skin series to the repertoire. It’s another K-ON Rainmeter skin, except now it has neko-mimi or cat-ears. Enjoy!

Skin Name: K-ON Neko Picture Frame

File Size: 273 KB

Color Theme: White


Settings: You need to configure k-on_LandscapeFrame.ini before getting the skin to display your pictures.First, change the “ImagePath” variable to the address/ directory which you want the skin to display your picture. Don’t forget to add a backslash (\) at the end of the directory (Example: C:\Pictures\).If you want the application to crawl the subfolders of the current directory, put the “Subfolders” variable value to “1″. Now, to set the length of time on changing between pictures, you need to set “Update” value (in terms of miliseconds).

Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


5 responses to “Desktop Goodies: K-ON Neko Picture Frame

  1. OH would you look at that, the picture below is Ciel phatomhive when he’s dressed as a girl, and thats Sebastian Michaelis’s hand…!!

  2. Hi, can the author please re-upload this file? It seems one of the file named “snapshot.png” is corrupted. Thank you very much.

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