Desktop Goodies: Konpaku Youmu Rainmeter

Okay, time for another Rainmeter skin on the dock. I’ve created another Touhou series Rainmeter skin featuring Konpaku Youmo. To be honest, this is not the design I had in mind. The design were far more complex but I give up and do this design anyway. I hope it still worth a download.

Skin Name: Konpaku Youmo Rainmeter

File Size: 166 KB

Color Theme: Green


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmetersection. Happy downloading!


8 responses to “Desktop Goodies: Konpaku Youmu Rainmeter

  1. Hi, i been using your desktop goodies for ages, but only now wonder how connect songs to rainmeters?
    Like how do I make the song name appear on rainmeter and control it from there?

      • That was the program! winamp..
        I’ll download it and give it a shot myself, unless you have some sort of instructions here.

        And also like the user above, i would be glad to see an arcuied skin – can you do princess/archetype arcuied too?

        Thanks again, really loving the new design.

      • Just make sure you install it in C:\Program Files\Winamp, so you don’t have to configure anything. If you change the path, you have to change the Winamp Path value in the .ini file

  2. Cool design, bro. I was wondering, could you make an Arcueid Brunestud Rainmeter skin for me? Thanks in advance!!

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